Do you love crochet?

Do you love math?

Are you detail oriented?

Do you love reading patterns?

Do you often find mistakes in crochet patterns?

Are you ready to get a little supplemental income to pay for your yarn stash?

If you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you're probably ready to be a tech editor! If you're already finding common errors in patterns, and you love reading patterns, you're probably fairly fluent in crochet already. This course will help you refine your crochet reading and help you learn the tools of the trade that you will need every day in tech editing.

With the Simple Guide to Grading Crochet, you will learn all you need to know about how to double check the numbers a designer presents in a pattern.

Through two 30-minute coaching calls you will plan out goals to get your career started. You will also get to pick my brain on any final details.

Time to start a new career!

Catholic, Wife and Mom of 5, Emily combines her science and technical writing education with her love and expansive knowledge of crochet patterns to teach you.

Learn from Emily, how she got started and how you can get a great jump start into the business of crochet (and sometimes knit) Technical Editing. Learn the tools of the trade. Learn some basics for communicating with designers. Receive 2 30-minutes coaching calls from Emily. Receive Emily's ebook package A Simple Guide to Grading Crochet with bonus schematics ($49 value!).

Time to start a new career!

Lorraine says,

"This course was extremely helpful in learning what a tech editor is and how I can become one.

I learned a lot about industry standards and designer's style of voice.

The tutorials extended my knowledge...I gained enough confidence in my abilities to accept a small tech edit job before I had fully completed the course.

If you think tech editing is right for you, this course is definitely worth taking."

Susana says,

"I bought Emily's book on grading and it is one of the best crochet resources I own.

When I read about Emily and Tech Editing, it really interested me and I tried to learn more about it. However, there aren't that many resources available. Then Emily makes the course that was missing!

It is a great introduction to Tech Editing. It lets you peek behind the curtains on what a tech editor does and how.

After the course, I felt confident to approach designers and develop my own TE skills.

If you are interested in Tech Editing, but are not sure where to start, then this is the course for you!

Tiffany says,

"I love Math, Writing and Crochet and this was the perfect match!

I learned a lot from this course such as: growing my TE business through self-promotion, organizational tools, working with different designers and the different personalities, guides that will enhance my relationship with designers, using checklists, and Guide to grading ebook.

I highly recommend this course if you have an interest or are intrigued by Tech Editing.

The course was easy to understand and the videos helped fill in gaps, especially since I am a visual learner.

This course was well worth the money for the amount of information you receive!

I have 30 years of crochet experience and look forward to using what I have learned with this course to help crochet designers put their best product forward!

Thanks, Emily!!"